Benefits of Homeschooling

How Homeschooling Can Benefit You

Believe it or not, 1.5m US kids are homeschooled. This is up from 1999 and again 2007, showing that more parents every year are teaching their kids outside of the traditional school system. With the old stereotypes of homeschooling rife, like kids missing out on social skills or not receiving a well rounded education, you might be wondering why.

In fact, there are benefits to you as a mom, as well as benefits for your kid. With the education and future prospects of your kid in mind, NBC reported that, actually, colleges are snapping up homeschoolers, praising their creativity and innovative thinking. And for you, as a parent, you can keep more cash in your pocket and, importantly, develop a closer bond with your kid; all of which will be explored below.

Your Benefits

For a cash-strapped mom, homeschooling can bring a benefit to your pocket, as you don’t have to deal with the cost of transit, specific equipment demanded by school, textbooks at exuberant prices and school lunches. The National Home Research Institute claim that taxpayers spend $11,732 on average per pupil; homeschoolers only pay $600.

Taking your kid out of the public schooling system gives you control over what you have to spend money on. In terms of your personal relationship, you can build up a better rapport with your kids.

What Your Kids AREN’T Learning At School

You should also consider what the public system is failing to impart on your kids. Depending on the quality and availability of local schools, that could be a lot.

A big factor is parrot learning. Many schools emphasize that kids should learn knowledge and become like encyclopaedias, rather than actually learning how to learn. The benefits of instilling an environment where learning is encouraged for the sake of enrichment, rather than for simply getting through the next exam, can’t be understated.

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Encouraging Creativity

In the same vein of thought on the above point is how holistic learning, focused on encouraged the benefits of developing new skills and learning new ideas, can benefit your children’s creativity. Studies have shown that encouraging kids to think creatively, something which is sometimes discouraged in public schools, can benefit them in the long run in terms of acknowledging their ability and developing it accordingly.

Practicing Skills

A problem with the regimented way that school works, with set periods throughout the day and little flexibility within that, means that your children are often left unable to stick to that age-old, tried and tested system of working; that practice makes perfect. Science has proven this, and an inaccurate but helpful way of looking at any skill, young or old, is that if you spend 10,000 hours on something you’ll be good at it. Consider teaching your kids at home, where you can have total flexibility over your day and tailor the time they spend on each task to ensure they maximise their learning.

Homeschooling can seem a bit leftfield but the statistics have shown that it’s very much a part of the mainstream. If you’ve got the opportunity, consider teaching your kids at home and watch the benefits build up for you and your kid’s future.


This post was written by Freelance contributor Sally Perkins


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