7 Reasons To Sell Your Car

7 Reasons To Sell Your Car 
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It used to be one of those classic markers of adulthood: buying your own car. Finally: Freedom! Independence! Car Payments! Ask any adult and they’ll tell you, with freedom comes responsibilities. Like insurance. And rising gas costs. Then there’s the realization that parking in the city is the stuff that Dante’s Inferno is made of. If you’ve been thinking it’s time to ditch your ride, have a look at these 8 reasons to sell your car. These days, not having a car is the real freedom.

  1. Living In The City – If you don’t hardly use your car because you live in the city, that’s a great reason! You can walk everywhere because you have the convenience to do so! Plus, it saves you a lot of time getting to know where you need to go. No more rushing around trying to find that parking spot or spending more money to park in a parking garage!

  1. More Money- We all want to try and get the most for our used car, Instead of placing a want ad consider bringing your car to Sanford and Son Junk Cars! They pay for cash no matter what the condition of your car! They specialize in buying junk cars and getting you the most cash possible, while providing outstanding customer service. They also understand that a clean title is not always possible. Their representatives are experts at helping you get the title or other documents to sell your vehicle. If getting a title is not possible, they will still come out and pay you cash for your vehicle as soon as possible! Whatever your concern, Sanford and Son is there to help answer all your concerns, questions and needs!

  2. Car Begins To Age- There are many who prefer selling a car once it has run 40,000-45,000 km. If you are a regular car user, it could take you a mere three years to cover that distance. Having run 45,000 km, the car begins to age. At this stage, there may be some mandatory expenses on the car. “You may have to change tyres, battery, the clutch could be worn, the AC gas would need to be refilled and so on. In short, this would mean trouble and expenditure at regular intervals,” says Banwari Lal Sharma. Many are of the view that instead of spending on such things, it may be well worth it to change the car itself.

  1. Rising Income and Higher Usage- A car is an aspiration for some people. It’s a status symbol. As disposable income rise, it is natural to see individuals change cars and opt for a higher version that provide a more comfortable ride. Take for example your first job. You purchase a smaller car but as your income increases, you’re able to afford something better down the road.

  1. Expanding Family- Similar to a better income, if your family is increasing, you’ll want to trade in your small car for a better SUV or a minican to accommodate everyone! Recently my husband and I did this for fuel cost and affordable for our long road trips instead of packing up two cars and driving with our kids.

  1. Damage Car- No one wants to drive an old beat up car with a bad engine or a window broken into! Don’t do it! In the rainy season, if you are stuck in water, chances are your car is flood affected and its engine could be damaged. Many a time critical components, like the engine, may be affected in such cases. While it may be resolved temporarily, chances are the problem may recur again. Getting rid of the car may be your best bet, and will save you the headache and frustration!

  1. Staying Healthy- Sitting behind the wheel can cause all sorts of problems, especially if you have a really long commute. By selling you car, you can actually gather a lot of great exercise by walking to your work, to your home or out to run errands! Not to mention, it will help you meet new people along the way as well as interact with them on your way out the door!

Whatever your reason to sell your car, hopefully it’s for the better future of your life and your family! If you have other ideas on how to sell your car I’d love to hear about them too!

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