“5 Ways to Boost Your Blog Now!”

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As bloggers we feel that in order to be successful, we need to have a large following or a lot of pageviews per month. Of course, you don’t need to have a million people all the time, especially when you are just starting out. Over time I was able to actually double my blogs traffic without much effort on my part. But now it’s really time for me to get serious, so hmm what I can I  do this month that could help get me even more results? I’ll be sharing a few tips and tricks that have I have decided to use to help me boost my blog traffic and hopefully, help you and your blog do the same!

  1. Start collaborating. I’ve been all about collaborating lately. Yes, it’s a great way to get publicity for your business and to boost your blog’s traffic, but it’s also the best way to build relationships with others in your niche. There are many ways you can collaborate with someone: write a guest post for another site, have a guest poster on your site, interview an influencer in your niche, host a joint webinar, this list goes on and on. Come up with an idea and reach out to blogger you’d love to work with! Make sure whatever you do that it is mutually beneficial, so you both can benefit from the amazes work you do together.

  2. Post consistently. I know this one seems like a no-brainer, but posting regularly really can give you great results.  This is something I have struggled with from the beginning however vow to do more now. Whenever you publish a new post on your blog, it sends your regular readers rushing over, which will obviously boost your blog’s traffic. You don’t have to post everyday as that isnt always easy and doesn’t work for everyone. Instead, come up with a schedule  like I did, one that works for you, whether it’s five days a week or three days a week. Stick to posting on the same few days each week to create a routine for you and your readers.  This habit will build success.


  1. Be SEO-friendly. SEO scares many people because they just don’t get it. Shoot I am still trying to understand it.  However, SEO doesn’t have to be hard to master and it doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Taking the extra step to optimize your posts will help boost your blog’s traffic because you’ll rank higher in search engine results. If you’re on WordPress, use a plugin like Yoast to help you. It’s so easy to use and makes SEO super simple. You should also consider using more long-tail keywords in your posts. Long-tail keywords are search phrases that are composed of three or more keywords. There’s less competition for long-tail keywords, which makes them easier to target. If you’re feeling to discouraged, why not get a little help and  try RankCrew ! The company works hard at creating backlinks, and offers great SEO link building services, helping your blog get one of the top ranking spots on Google. They have a variety of packages for your blog to reach its full potential plus availability 24/7 and over 16+ years experience! All of their work is 100% Google friendly and you’re able to get a detailed report at the end of everything! What better way than to start now to take your blog to the next level!

  2. Know Your Audience-  In order to effectively reach your target market and get the right people to your website, you need to know where your audience is and what their interests are.   You don’t want to write about something yor audience doesn’t care about.  That means you need to be strategic about where you spend your time online. Make an effort to seek out your ideal blog reader. Is she on Twitter, but not on Facebook? Don’t invest your time in Facebook. Figure out which social media platforms she uses, the online groups or forums she’s part of and start spending some time there. Once you find your people and you start connecting with them, it’ll be so easy  to learn what there interest are to boost your blog’s traffic. Engage and spend time getting to know them too to let them know your authentic, real and deserving of their time as well!

  3. Create content upgrades. Everyone loves a freebie, right? But did you ever think of using content upgrades as a way to send more traffic to your site? Think of a blog post you can write and a killer content upgrade that can go along with it. Then, promote your brand new post on social media and let people know there’s a freebie included! This will pique their interest and send them over to your blog to check it out. Also don’t forget to share multiple times and in multiple platforms.

Now that you have some ideas to boost your blog, what will you start with first?

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