1st Instructional Guide On How To Raise Children

I am sure at some point all parents have said to themselves, “I wish they came with instructions.”   I know I have thought it on more than one occasion.  raising children is no joke.

Well guess what… one mother thought the same thing and decided she was going to do something about it. Darlene Brooks, a mother of four and parent coach and mentor, has written a book called, A Mother’s Manual.  This book serves as a straightforward and easy-to- follow guide of 100+ passages for mothers everywhere.

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This comprehensive guide helps point you in the right direction on how to nurture and positively shape your child’s life the best you can.  The books cover is a beautiful display of a mother’s love.  (Check back later this month when I share with you the story behind this artwork and how the author and artist are using it to help other moms.)

Being a good mother and raising a healthy, happy, and productive human being can be an overwhelming, thankless challenge at times.  Positive parenting not only affects your family but it can have a major impact on society as a whole.This book is sure to uplift and encourage moms at any level of parenting as well as serve as a reminder for those who already have the job down pat.

When reading this book, I thought to myself you know… I really need to do better with …

Visit my page again soon  I will share some of the passages that really resonated with me and how I am applying them as a mother.

A Mother’s Manual is currently available on Amazon, every mother should have a copy.

Buy one for yourself but also support another mom and buy them a copy as well.

Spread the word the 1st Instructional Guide On How To Raise Children is now available.

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