Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Busy Mom

I love getting pampered and relaxing, and don’t know a mother who doesn’t.  Since Mother’s Day is almost here, I thought that I’d share a share a few gift ideas that may help you or your loved one find that special gift.

As much as I love my husband and son (anyone who knows me knows that Devin is THE LOVE of my life), there are times when I just want to be left alone.  A weekend staycation in the hotel of your choice could give you some alone time to help you recharge your batteries (that’s a hint Amani 🙂 ).

Now I know that budgets are sometimes tight, but here’s another way you can refresh from the convenience of your own home… Aroma Therapy.  You’d be amazed how much just soaking in or inhaling certain scents can breathe new life into a person.

As I mother I know our work is never done, we are always tending to our family and home and rarely find a moment to go out to our local coffee shop and indulge in a cup of gourmet coffee.

krg-lg-b68The next gift is perfect for a busy Mom. Let her start her day by enjoying a  gourmet coffee (there are a variety of brands and flavors available) that brew in under a minute and they don’t even have to leave the house.

The  Keurig Special Edition brewing system (SRP: $149.99) brews beverages  in under a minute and features chrome accents. With the backlit LCD display in makes it easier for you to use in the early morning before you turn on the lights and before the kids wake up.

tieksWith all the running around us moms do from grocery shopping to taking kids to soccer practice, we need a nice comfortable shoe, one that is fashionable is a plus.  Tieks by Gavrieli are designer ballet flats and they’d be perfect for the job.   They are so flexible and comfortable and come in a variety of colors and prints.  Any mom would love a pair.

So, consider these products as a gift option to really help relax and pamper.  You’re wife or mom can thank me later!

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Great gift ideas! I bought my first pair of Tieks in January for a design bloggers conference. I've been wearing them ever since! Because they come in so many colors, I had a hard time choosing. I opted for a gold metallic pair because it is a fun neutral that can go with just about anything! They also come with a handy bag, so you can fold them up in your purse for those times when you need to switch out of your heels. But, truth be told, I prefer to run around in my Tieks all day...even when going out at night!