Dads Only Camping Trip!

Growing up, a summer vacation wasn’t a summer vacation without a family camping trip.

We had Coleman lanterns, burners, sleeping bags, a couple of tents, and in Northern California, there were plenty of places to rough it.

Camping was an affordable getaway for the Channel Clan when I was younger.  Those are also some of the fondest memories of family life.   If you haven’t figured it out, this is Daphne’s other half with a guest post. 🙂

I can’t even remember the last time we went camping, but over the weekend,  I had the chance to relive my childhood adventures with Devin.

IMG_4640It was an unexpected trip that came by way of his soccer coach who invited us (Devin and I), his teammate Amias and his dad to Red Top Mountain Park for an overnight camping trip.

We had to quickly pick up some camping supplies and provisions, then hit the road.

Apple maps had some navigation challenges, but we eventually found our way, and that’s when the fun started.

A total of three camp sites were reserved for dads only, and the first order of business was to build the tent (it was actually easier than it looked).

IMG_4652Devin quickly bonded with the other kids. He started off by fishing, but when he noticed the other kids playing in Lake Allatoona, he followed suit and jumped in.

All of the dads brought food, so by dusk we were all cooking on the grill potluck style.

When it was time to go to sleep, I thought that Devin would be afraid to sleep in the tent in the great outdoors but surprisingly he wasn’t. He was a little restless, but eventually settled down, and he slept like a log.

This first camping trip was a success. No moms, just a lot of nature and good memories.

Next time we’ll bring the mushy mamma along for the family fun.

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What an awesome bonding experience. I for some reason would love to take my kids camping. I think it would be an awesome experience for them.I've never been actual camping before.