{$100 Kroger GC Giveaway} Simple Truth is Simply Delicious! #HealthyLiving

Disclosure:  I attended an in-store Healthy Living informational blogger event about natural foods at Kroger. I received a gift card and fuel points for my participation.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Kroger‘s Simple Truth line is simply delicious! I recently attended an event at Kroger that focused on healthy living. I learned all about Kroger’s Simple Truth product line, which is made up of organic foods, natural foods, and foods that are “free from 101” additives.

Kroger introduced the line in 2012 because they knew that consumers are looking for healthier alternatives. Since they launched the line it’s been steadily growing, in fact this year they will be adding 100 more items. What’s great too, is that you are able to find different Simple Truth products throughout the store not just in one department. All Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic products are clearly marked with the brand’s green circular logo and contain straightforward ingredient statements like you see in the below picture.

While a lot of the discussion at the event focused on Kroger’s exclusive Simple truth line, I also learned that Kroger believes in supporting their local community by carrying produce from local farms as well as different healthy products that are produced locally. Some of the local companies that I was able to sample products from were Pure Knead, Frannie’s Gluten Free, and Arden’s Garden.

I must admit I was a bit reluctant to sample some of the bakery type products because I thought gluten-free…. it’s probably going to be very dry. But to my surprise they were actually quite moist and delicious.

Also during the event there were chef demonstrations and I was able to try a Pub-Style Beef Stew that was prepared by on of Kroger’s chefs.  He used Simple Truth Beef Stew meat which is USDA Certified Organic and 100% Grass fed.  It was so fresh tasting and simply delicious.  I really could tell the difference from the other meats I typically buy.  I will definitely be making a change.


If you are looking to make healthier, better choices for your family and yourself be sure to check out Kroger’s Natural Foods department.  They have shelves full of wholesome goodness.

Also you can save on a lot of these items and more with Kroger’s digital coupons so be sure to look before you shop.

I was so impressed with Kroger’s Simple Truth line that I linked up with a few of my blogger buddies, Barbara (Atlanta’s Frugal Mom), Joyce (Mommy Talk Show) and Bernetta (Bernetta Style)  to bring you a chance to $100 KROGER GIFT CARD!

Contest ends February 25, 2014 so enter today.

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I'd like to try their chicken breast and canned beans.


Their protein bars!!! I've tried one.. but i want to try more!


I would love to try their chicken breast and canned beans!


I love Simple Truth products from Kroger! I would most like to try some of the new vegetarian frozen items!