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My husband and I recently sat down during a family meeting and discussed ways to budget and save.  We were looking for a way that would be simple and force us to stick to it.  In passing we mentioned to some friends of ours and they mentioned they use the envelope system and said how great it was and told us we should give it a try.

The main idea of the envelope system is to store cash to cover separate categories of household expenses. For example an envelope of $80 for groceries, $100 for electric, and so on.

Once learning more on how it works.  We put up our bank account debit cards so we wouldn’t have access and since personal entertainment is a big spending area for us,  we gave ourselves envelopes for individual allowances.  Each week we gave ourselves a $50 allowance, once our allowance for week is spent, and we want to go somewhere or do something we are S.O.L .  From time to time this really bites, but it really does help us manage our money.  Gone are the days of us dipping into our savings for nonsense.  It’s a great system and really has been working for us, it really made us realize how much money we are really wasting.


But let’s face it although system is great it is dated.  No one really uses cash anymore. Half if not all of my husband’s spending is done online which requires a card.  That’s why when I was given the opportunity to review a Prepaid Visa Debit Card, through card.com, I was all over it.

The card is free to get and doesn’t require a credit check.  Card.com has over 1000’s of different card designs to choose from.  This old school girl chose the “cassettes” design for her  new school budget system.

The card is so easy to use once it arrived all I had to do is activate it and set-up my pin number and I was ready to go.



There are several ways to load your card many without any associated fees.  You can set up direct deposit, load with cash at Western Union, or transfer from PayPal or your bank account.

There is a small Monthly Maintenance fee of $5.95.  However, if you load at least $800 through direct deposit in the prior thirty days that fee is waived.

I really like having access to this prepaid card it allows me to control my spending and is a lot safer than walking around with cash.  Also just like any other VISA card you have fraud protection through the Visa Zero Liability policy.

What method do you use to control spending?

Disclosure: I participated in this review through Sverve and received promotional items from cards.com for review purposes.  All words and opinions expressed are my own.



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Great budgeting tips, thanks for posting