World of Coca-Cola Mother’s Day Giveaway #MomStory

The day I became a mother was the absolute happiest moment in my life.  Mother’s Day is all about celebrating motherhood. Mother’s Day recognizes mothers, motherhood and maternal bonds and the positive contributions we make to society.

Each Mother’s Day although my husband tries to cater to me with his pampering way and spoil me with gifts. I am happiest spending time with my family.  Seeing the happiness in others is essential to my own happiness.  There is nothing better and I bet World of Coca-Cola would agree with me.

How would you like to win tickets to the “Happiness Factory”?  World of Coca-Cola wants to share in your happiness this Mother’s Day by giving 1 lucky Mushy Mamma reader a family 4-pack of tickets to visit the World of Coca-Cola.


At the World of Coca-Cola you will get to learn the fascinating history of Coca-Cola through various different experiences.

-Learn about the legend of the secret formula and see the vault where formula is secured
-View over 1,200 artifacts ranging from vintage bottles to a 1949 Delivery Truck
-Enjoy 4-D movie, “In Search of the Secret Formula”
-Sample over 60 differrent Coca-Cola beverages from all over the world

This is just a sneak peek at some of the things you will enjoy, there is so much more.

You can enter here to win a family 4-pack of tcikets

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For tickets and information, go to The World of Coca-Cola you can also follow them on   Facebook: and  Twitter: @WorldofCocaCola

S/N Be sure to capture the momeory of your visit by taking a photo with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear and also be sure to share your expereinces with the World of Coca-Cola they want to share in your happiness.

What is your happiest momemnt you spent with your mother?

World of Coca-Cola logo

Disclosure: World of Coca-Cola provided tickets for this giveaway, no compensation was received.  Words and opinions expressed are sincerely my own.  

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Jocelyn Dorsey
Jocelyn Dorsey

I took a solo trip here a few years back and I had the greatest time. Have been telling my sons that I wanted to take them.


The happiest moment was when my Mom was there for me when both of my kids were born

Tuni Acosta
Tuni Acosta

Awesome giveaway!! I have been living in Atlanta nearly 7 years and may be the only person (along with my children) who has never been to The World of Coca-Cola. My happiest is very difficult to choose just one. Today my happiest moments with my mom are when we visit her in CA or she comes here and I see her interact with my children. I also love when we just sit and chat for extended periods of time. I would have to say the day I became a mom is my happiest mom moment. My son turns 4 tomorrow and I just cannot believe how fast the time goes by. My children bring me great joy each and every day, from ALL their questions to building Legos together, they bring me happiness in everything they do. Hope we win, we would love to experience The World of Coca-Cola. Happy early Mother's Day to you Daphne!

Trisha Dowling
Trisha Dowling

the happiest moment with my kids, thats hard. i try to make every day special. but the other day i received a text from my teen son telling me how much he appreciates my support with his career choice and for giving him support. it was genuine and heartfelt and made me cry.

Raisa Lefe' Rouse
Raisa Lefe' Rouse

I still can't believe that we've been in Atlanta for almost TWO years, and haven't taken the boys to the World of Coca-Cola! Visiting this "museum" was by far one of my fondest childhood memories when I would visit my dad here in Atlanta for the summer. He would make sure that we went here every time-without fail, along with hanging out at the Underground! As far as sharing memories with my mom--well, its hard to choose just one! She is my best friend and I'm an only child and we've done so much together; we are STILL making memories! I'd have to say one of my favorite times spent with her was our trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica when I was about 8 years old! We truly enjoyed ourselves hanging on the beach, at the resort and in the neighboring towns :o)