Who wouldn’t want a Fairy in their Garden?

Who wouldn’t want a fairy in their garden?  Fairies are known to bring with them good luck, and I surely know I could always use a little of that. I recently interviewed Dr. Chris Cerveny  and Gardeniere Gina Iliopoulos  and they explained to me what a Fairy Garden is and what makes it so fun for kids.



Fairygardening is a great way to introduce your children to the magic of growing.  You can teach them how to love and nuture another living thing.  This is also a great way to get them to go deep into their imagination and come up with creative ways to decorate their garden.  Fairy Gardens are fun for beginning gardeners to even the more experienced gardner.  The great thing too is there aren’t any rules so you can make your garden as big or small as you want, simple or elaborate and this makes it very flexible with it comes to how much you have to spend.

Want to create a Fairy Garden with your children…. but don’t know how to get started?

Below you can find some great tips and how-to’s on getting started.  But remember think outside of the box…kids are great at this, let them be you inspiration.


1. Planter with drainage
2. Miracle‐Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix
3. Miniature plants (flowers, succulents, etc.)
4. Mini fairy figurines
5. Mini acessorites—chairs, tables, etc.
6. Stones/pebbles (for decoration)
7. Eucalyptus Mulch
8. Garden gloves
Steps to follow
1. Fill the container roughly 2 inches from the top with potting soil
2. Plant succulents (miniature ferns are a great choice)
3. Decorate! Make a fairy path out of mulch and small pebbles/stones. Include mini accessories and
décor. Add in your favorite fairy or gnome.
• Be creative, utilize your inner green thumb to make a magical space for your favorite fairy family
• Use elements from your own backyard or toy box to make the garden truly yours
• Give your new garden a fantastic name
• Keep plants watered and fed with Miracle‐Gro plant food
• Give your fairies some delicious neighbors by filling a nice pot with Miracle‐Gro soil and planting
your favorite herbs, fruits or vegetables! Just be sure to grow a little extra for your new friends!
Growing your own food (and fairy food!) is not only fun, but so tasty!
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Mushy Mamma
Mushy Mamma

Now that it is warming up definitely going to create one with my son who has been wanting to plant flowers in fact, he has been checking on the weeds saying mommy our flowers are growing, LOL