Body Carnival: The Science and Fun of Being You… an Exploratory Exhibit (Ticket Giveaway)

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta has a new feature exhibit,  Body Carnival: The Science and Fun of Being You.  This exhibit encourages children to explore the human body, and inspires them to learn through by using different tools that make learning fun.  One of the fun activities my son enjoyed most was the “Dizzy Tunnel”.

In the “Dizzy Tunnel”, children walk through a rotating star field which creates the illusion of movement or spinning. The challenge for the children to maintain their balance as they made their way to the other side.  Devin walked slow, and tried to stay steady but that wasn’t always the case which brought about so much laughter.

My son loved moving through this “Hands-On” exhibit doing different activities to test his body, and discover how it works.  He is only 4 years old and quite cautious when trying new things but he loved testing his strength in the activity called “Hang Time”.

In “Hang Time” the children were challenged to hang from a bar,  and could measure their extended and flexed arm hang times with a timing device that tells them how long their feet are off the ground. Visitors can compare their hang time based on others of their same age and gender.   Even as young as 4 years old my son is very competitve, everything is a competition these days.  Who got dressed fastest, who beat who to the door,  who can carry the most things….it’s crazy to see how competitive kids can be.

Devin compared his hang time to his friends he was there with and determined that he was the strongest.  Too Funny, my child is a mess 🙂

Photo Credit: Children’s Museum of Atlanta

This exhibit had lots of other learning activities which include: Tunnel of Blod, Sit and Reach, Walk the Plank, Goofy Goggles, Wacky Wall, Get a Grip, House of Color, Pressure Vessel, Go with the Flow, Calculation Station, Feel the Music, Body Challenge, and Think Fast.

Besides exploring on your own,  there is also daily programming which usually includes funny skits, music and movement through dancing or other activity.

The Body Carnival: The Science and Fun of Being You is  such a great early learning exhibit teaching about the science of the human body.  It’s definitely worth the visit and is going on now through May 27, 2013.

Children’s Museum of Atlanta Info:

Location: 275 Centennial Olympic Park Drive NW, Atlanta GA 30313

Hours: Open 7 days a week. Monday – Friday: 10:00 AM — 4:00 PM;
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 AM— 5:00 PM.

Cost: General admission for ages 1 to 100 is $12.75 plus tax.

The Children’s Museum of Atlanta so generously provided me with a family 4 pack of tickets to give to one of my lucky winners.  To enter follow steps below:

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This sounds like a great thing. I love the children's museum I have not been in over a year. Good luck to all those that entered.