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As a mother, I understand all too well how difficult it is to find a great sitter.  My son is only 4 years old and he is my only child so I find it hard to let someone watch him while I enjoy the night out with my husband.  You know I can’t trust just anyone, they have to meet several criteria.  The top things for me is that they have experience and be CPR certified.

Other things that are important to me are whether or not they are…..
1. Trustworthy
2. Reliable
3. Personable
4. Get along with my child/Does my child seem to like them
5. How they deal with discipline issues

Searching for a good sitter can  be very time consuming, difficult and stressful.  It’s always great when you can get a recommendation from someone you know and trust.

Are you one of the lucky ones who has already found your dream sitter?  Does your sitter meet the above criteria? If so, are they someone you would recommend to someone else.  If so nominate them today for Sittercity’s 2013 America’s Top Sitter Contest.

Readers can nominate sitters by uploading a picture with a description explaining why their sitter should be Sittercity’s 2013 America’s Top Sitter. All photos and descriptions will be viewable on Sittercity’s Facebook page

Nomination period: February 13 – 25, 2013
Voting period: March 5 – 15, 2013

Grand Prize $5000
(remaining finalist will each receive a $100 spa gift card to

A panel of experts will choose ten finalists selected by Sittercity and the final winner will be determined by the Sittercity Facebook community by show of most votes

Disclosure: I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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I have never used a sitter company because of trust issues. It's hard enough to trust the people you do know. I have a select few that I leave my kids with and now that I have a newborn (again) that list will probably shrink. I admire people who use these companies and find someone they love. I am honestly just scared.


We have such a hard time finding quality, trustworthy sitters in our area and we could definitely use a night out away from the kids! I will be checking out Sitter City very soon! Thanks for sharing!

Yolanda @ Your Unexpected Beauty
Yolanda @ Your Unexpected Beauty

I too have a difficult time finding a GREAT sitter for my two young boys. So I don't have anyone to nominate, but I will be peeking in at the Sittercity’s Facebook page to see who's out there!


I have the hardest time finding a babysitter for my kids. We don't have a lot of family in the area, and only one or two teens in our neighborhood. It's a challenge that I hope gets easier!


Hi Yolanda, Sittercity can help you find an awesome sitter for your boys! If you're interested in trying Sittercity I'd be happy to offer you a discount. Use AMTOPSITTER for 30% off a Sittercity membership. (Visit to register). -Catherine at Sittercity


Hi Karon, Sittercity can make it easier! If you're interested in trying Sittercity I'd be happy to offer you a discount. Use AMTOPSITTER for 30% off a monthly or yearly Sittercity membership. (Visit to register). -Catherine at Sittercity