GMC TV World Premiere Movie “Christmas Angel”

I was given the opportunity to preview the GMC TV WORLD PREMIERE MOVIE “Christmas Angel” which airs on November 24 & 25, 2012 just in time to get into the holiday spirit.

Christmas Angel, is a uplifting movie about hope and second chances.  The movie focuses around a young girl, Oliva who is working on a class assignment titled “My Impossible Christmas Wish.”

When thinking about her assignment Oliva  remember that it had been rumored that the uninhabited home next door to where she was living could help wishes come true.  Later she discovered that a mysterious lady had moved into the house next door that had been uninhabited and uncared for.  Once wishes started to become true for some of Oliva’s classmates she started to think that the woman was an Angel.

This was a great family movie, it very light hearted and music was upbeat.  While watching this movie, it reminded me that what seems impossible is possible when you have faith.

Be sure to tune in and enjoy…for more information and showtimes click here 


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Katherine G
Katherine G

I can't wait until this comes on. I saw part of it filmed on her reality show.