Get Paid to Shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Zuuzs.Com

Dealing with crowds and long lines can be overwhelming for people trying to get Black Friday deals and this year stores are starting even earlier.  In fact some stores are opening up at 8pm trying to get a jump on the competition.

I personally don’t understand the hype of waiting in lines before doors even open, it’s just not for me.  I do however want to take advantage of some of the amazing Black Friday deals that I hear are going to be out there.  A lot of people have been turning to online shopping and I think this is more my speed.

There is a new option for online shoppers at  Zuuzs.Com is a shopping and sharing site which shows customers the best deals from their favorite retailers and provides cash back for purchases made through the site.  Customers who shop through Zuuzs can save money, share deals with friends and earn cash rewards.  Zuuzs has over 800 retail partners that specialize in a wide variety of products and services.  You get the same great deals as others customers from your favorite stores like Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Macy’s.

How it works: Customers go to and create a short profile that identifies their favorite stores and products. Zuuzs customizes their shopping experiences, pulling the best and most relevant offers from over 800 retailers. When customers are ready to shop, they click on the deals or the retailers they are interested in, and Zuuzs transfers them to the retailers. Once there, customers make their purchases, and Zuuzs sends them their cash-back reward. Amounts vary, depending on the purchases and retail partner. For more details visit

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I just signed up! This site seems really cool!

Katherine G
Katherine G

This sounds like a pretty interesting deal.