Is Your Junk-Drawer Junkie?

Junk-Drawers, face it we all have one.  It’s that drawers filled with all the little miscellaneous items that we don’t have a real home for.  But really, just because it exists doesn’t mean it has to be so junkie.  Every year I find myself needing to clean mine out.  It’s usually because I have finally put one thing too many in the drawer and now it’s jammed or I’ve just gotten jabbed by something, either way I vow to do better.

For now on, as a general rule I will think before I add to the drawer. Hopefully this will help reduce the clutter.  When I first go to throw something in the drawer, I am going to ask myself when will I need this item next.  If it is truly just junk, maybe some little doodad that was a freebie from somewhere I know I won’t use then I will  toss it in the trash immediately.  If it is something I know I will use but not regularly then I will find a proper home for it.  These two things will help a lot.

Here are some other tips that will be helpful in organizing your drawer.

1. Empty the drawer: dump everything out onto the table or floor so you can see what you are working with.

2. Group like items: put all the twist ties, batteries, pens and so on together.

3. Throw things out:  toss the things that you know you don’t need, as well as other trash that has somehow made it’s way into the drawer.  Such as pens that don’t write, expired coupons, and take-out ketchup packets that are now old and sticky.

4. Return things to the drawer: now return things to the drawer but in an organized fashion.  You can simply use rubber bands, envelopes, or even baggies to group things together.  You may also opt to buy store bought dividers like these found at Ikea or Lowes.

So what’s in your junk-drawer? Let me a comment and let me know

Also if you are looking for other organization tips, organizational expert Jodie Watson may be able to help.


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I have more than one junk drawer, lol. They are full of all sorts of things, like papers, pencils, batteries, screws, etc. I clean them out occasionally, but they end up full again in just a few days. I am so guilty of shoving things into a drawer while I am busy, rather than putting them where they go. I'm working on it though!

Katherine G
Katherine G

Ours is filled with old mail that I have been avoiding for years. I will eventually force myself to clear it out. I am so ashamed. Lol!!!

Mushy Mamma
Mushy Mamma

LOL, Tiffany I have more than one too. I think I actually have 3.