Remembering those lost in 9-11

I just wanted to take a moment this morning to remember those who lost their lives in the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Last night, I was flipping channels and happened upon a docu-drama about the tragedies of 9-11.   Hearing the personal story of those that were there and survivors of people who died that day,  was almost too much to bare but I couldn’t stop watching.  It’s so hard to believe it has been 11 years, like most I remember hearing  the news as if it were  yesterday.

I still remember what I was doing, who I talked to immediately after hearing/seeing the news and how I felt.  That day was so surreal.  Since then the way we live of lives has been changed forever in many ways.   No matter how much time goes on, I will NEVER forget.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who lost loved ones in NYC, the Pentagon and Pennsylvania. Thank you to all our heroes, a special thanks to the  NYC Police and Fire Department.  May God bless us all!

9-11-01 will Never Forgotten


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Katherine G
Katherine G

I most definitely remember everything I was doing that day. I will never forget.