Did you know you can get it for FREE

As of August 1, 2012 an whole range of health services became available for women at no cost this means no co-pays and no deductibles.  This is all thanks to President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

I know that over my days especially my days as a young woman, I would often find it difficult to pay for certain health and wellness services that were important for me to have.  Now with this new healthcare law women will no longer have to stress about this.

Read below about a few of the benefits available

1. Contraceptives : All FDA approved birth control including the pill, IUDs, sterilization procedures and  more are covered by insurance when prescribed by your doctor

2. Annual Checkups: Insurance companies must pay for annual “well woman” checkups including preconception care.

3. HIV screening and counseling: Sexually-active women will have access to annual screening and counseling on HIV. Women are at increased risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.

4. Breastfeeding support, supplies and counseling: Pregnant and postpartum women will have access to lactation support and counseling from trained providers, as well as breastfeeding equipment. Breastfeeding is one of the most effective preventive measures mothers can take to protect their health and that of their children. One of the barriers for breastfeeding is the cost of purchasing or renting breast pumps and nursing related supplies.

5. Breast Cancer Mammography: screenings every 1 to 2 years for women over 40

Women can’t take advantage of these benefits if they don’t know they are available to them, so please ladies be sure to share this information with your sisters, girlfriends, mothers and daughters.  Men please share with all the women if your life.  It’s important and it does make a difference.

Want to know what other benefits are available to women at no out of pocket cost please click here.

Do you think that these benefits will encourage women to get their much needed screening and checkups?



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Katherine G
Katherine G

Didn't know about the annual checkups or the mammograms

Mushy Mamma
Mushy Mamma

I think it's awesome, cause sometimes those co-pays can get ya, they really add up