Over the past several years, the childhood obesity numbers have been steadily increasing. Today, over 23 million children/teens are either overweight or obese.  A lot has to do with the amount of junk food and sugary drinks kids are consuming. Unfortunately most public schools aren’t doing much to help resolve this situation.

A lot of people believe that having healthier food options in school will lead to healthier children this is because the majority of children are consuming over 50% of their daily intake of food during school hours.  I know this is the case for my child, and it is really important to me that he is served healthy foods at school. Devin is only in preschool, but I believe that now is the time to teach him to make healthy food choices.

As we all know, it is sometimes hard for us to get our children to eat what is good for them.  I try to feed my son healthy meals/snacks and I feel if the schools reinforce that by doing the same, my child will have no choice but to eat healthy.  Also I believe it helps my child eat healthy food when he sees that his friends are eating it too.  If junk food is as an option, it is only natural that children gravitate that way.

I know many people think the government should let individuals make their own choices when it comes to food, but I think when it comes the decision of what public schools are able to serve children; we should encourage pubic schools to step it up.  Otherwise due to the expense of healthier food options, schools that are under financial pressures are more likely to feed our children junk food just because it is cheaper.

I say we say “NO” to junk foods in school and help prevent obesity.

“There is urgent need to update and strengthen policies at the federal, state and school district level that address snack foods and sugary drinks.
Most school districts have a wellness policy that addresses foods and beverages sold outside of meals, but the policies are weak, and many schools have not implemented them.”

What’s your child’s school doing in efforts to include healthier options? Do you think they are doing enough? Please leave a comment below and let us know

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Parents, If you want to make sure your children get healthy food at school I think you should all continue to pressure to school systems. As for me and my child, since I know that it is not the case currently, I send lunch to school with her daily. I have made her aware of all the diseases associated with eating unhealthy. She enjoys living and knows that eating is a necessity not a luxury. Obesity leads to other diseases like diabetes, heart disease and stroke. The food industry is in business to make money and there can also be a link between their profits and the profits of the medical industry. This I hope is food for thought..... Genetically Modified Foods are on the rise and if you are unaware of the dangers of these foods, look it up on YouTube or google it. Knowledge is power parents. Save your childrens' lives.