Earn a little spending cash with consignment

As a mother of a three -year-old boy, who is the first grandchild on my side of the family, I sometimes get overwhelmed by the amount of clothes and toys people (especially my family) buy for him.

It started out even before Devin was born.  At my baby shower, I received everything imaginable. He had so much, that as time went by, he outgrew things before they were even worn/used.  So with tags still attached, I would bundle up his things and donate them to the  Goodwill.

Then, I learned about consignment sales.  I didn’t know what consignment sales were out there, or how they worked, so I decided to search online in the state of Georgia.  I found a wonderful list of different sales.

For my first sale, I decided to go with Second Childhood Consignment because of it’s location, size and fact that I still had time to prepare and participate based on its sale date.

Participating in the sale was as easy as 1,2,3.

1. I registered online.

2. I prepared the  items for sale, making sure they were clean, hung properly and priced/tagged.

3. Then I dropped the items off.

I was amazed by how easy it was.  They had a great system, it was really organized, and for my first try, I’d say it was a success!  More than 80% of my items sold, and I made a whopping $387.00 which I would have otherwise given away.

Best of all I didn’t have to do any of my own selling (they do ask for volunteers to help out during the sale).

It’s now time for the spring sales to begin.

Have you thought about participating in a consignment sale?  If not, what do you with your children’s outgrown or unused clothes and toys?


Mommy Reporter: Getting ready for a consignment sale




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Yum Yucky
Yum Yucky

Whoa! that's some nice cash you reeled in. I almost did the consignment once, but seller are also forced to either volunteer or buy their way out of volunteer requirement. I don't like that rule too much, but definitely worth reconsidering.

Mushy Mamma
Mushy Mamma

Josie, luckily the one I dealt with and the two I'm participating in the spring, the volunteering is optional not an requirement at all. In fact by volunteering you get the perk of shopping before the public, that way you get first dibs.