Motivated to become a Mompreneur

Every since I quit my full-time job back in August to be able spend more time with my son, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with myself.

I considered returning to school however, the time requirements of the program and the cost didn’t seem like the best solution.  Really, what I want is something that will give me flexibility and joy.

I have skills and talents that are valuable to others, so I’ve been seriously considering starting my own business.   I just don’t know how to put my skills to use.   I don’t have much savings to invest in a new venture so it has to require little overhead.

Now that it is almost the new year,  I need something to light a fire under my tush and give me that little push to go ahead and get started.

That push came from an event hosted by Joyce Brewer, Emmy award-winning TV Journalist, and creator and host of MommyTalkShow.Com.  Brewer just released an e-book called, “Use What You Know: A Business Idea Guide for Moms.”

The book features local, successful momprenuers (mom entrepreneurs).  Some of the women attended the event to share their stories with us, as well as answer any questions to help us get started.

I was amazed by the different businesses started by these women, some of whom have large families.  One thing I wondered was, “How do you find the time to manage your business and still have quality time with your family?”  Most of the women said they work around their family schedule, which equates to a lot of late nights when the rest of the family is sleeping.

After meeting and talking with these women I felt inspired.  I gained a lot of insight and useful information from the event.  Two things in particular stand out in my mind:  You need support, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. I kept thinking to myself, “This is perfect for me,  what better way to get motivated than to surround myself with positive, successful like minded women?”

Kyle Young,  who is a featured momprenuer in the book said, “Do it and let go of the outcome.”   To me that means, take a leap of faith, and see where it takes you.  I plan to do just that.

Have you had a business idea that you have been talking about for a while but have done nothing to implement it?  Maybe now is the time.

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MushyMamma, Thanks so much for attending the event and reading the book. I'd love to stay in contact so we can encourage and support each other. I surround myself with positive people, especially members of Ladies Who Launch Atlanta, who are so open to networking and supporting each other. Wish you well on finding your niche as a mompreneur.

Mushy Mamma
Mushy Mamma

Joyce, You'll definitely being seeing more of me. Yes just briefly talking with Angela of LWL, I know I would be able to gain a lot as well as offer a lot