Water Baby

Most babies love water and this holds true for my son Devin.  As soon as it was warm enough and even before Devin has been asking to go to the pool.  My husband, Amani and I try and take him at least 3 times a week but with Devin’s insistence it sometimes ends up being about 5 times.  Devin is naturally comfortable in the water and we are amazed how each time he shows a little more confidence trying new things.  My husband has been teaching Devin to blow bubbles, float and kick his legs.  Devin is catching on quickly although he has never taken any formal lessons. 

Although my husband is a strong swimmer I feel like I rather be safe than sorry and sooner rather than later I plan to enroll him in survival swim lessons through ISR (Infant Swimming Resource)ISR offers customized one-on-one survival swim lessons.  We have all seen kids either just jump into the pool when parents aren’t quite ready or even just walk/run off the edge of the pool accidentally falling into the water.  ISR will teach your child survival techniques.  Each lesson last only about 15 minutes and first they will introduce your child to the water and build a level of trust . 

Some of the skills your child will be taught will be how to float on their back, to hold their breath underwater also once they are swimming they will be taught how to transition from swimming to rolling onto the backs to float and rest.  All these safety skills will help make your child a stronger swimmer and give he or she more independence in the water.  However remember there is never any substitute for adult supervision.

Check out my little fish ….. he just loves the water

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Amani Channel
Amani Channel

Devin impresses me with his fearless spirit. He is amazing.